Michael grew up in Yonkers, New York.


Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, Improviser, Comedian and Voice Over Artist.  Currently improvising with Captains of Industry and also hosting FUN-raiser Comedy Show, a character based showcase.


Performed Off Broadway with Emerging Artists and TOSOS.


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CONAN                                                   Co-Star                TBS

Carbon Dating                                        Recurring             Poke in the Eye Prod.s, Linda Palmer                        

Chuck                                                     Guest Star           NBC, Robert Duncan McNeill

Monk                                                       Co-Star                USA, Randy Zisk

Mind of Mencia                                       Co-Star                Comedy Central, Liz Plonka

Late Night with Conan O’Brien               Recurring             NBC

Chappelle’s Show                                   Co-Star                Comedy Central


Pre-Production: The Webseries                Supporting         Dirty Laundry Collective, Nathaniel Krause

Kinky Slinkage                                           Lead                  AFI, Omid Yaldayi

Tender                                                        Lead                  AFI, Jake Yuzna

The Lost One                                             Supporting         Little Dog Prod.s, Doug Burch                  

At The Maple Grove                                   Lead                  King Fish Prod.s, Christopher Zatta

Speak No Evil                                            Supporting         Punk Monkey Prod.s, James Elden                 

InAPPropriate Comedy                              Supporting         One Square Prod.s, Vince Offer

Who Killed Mickey Mouse                          Lead                  AFI, Sasa Numic

Kidnap Party                                               Supporting        Dodge CMFA, Joseph Carnegie

HOLLYWOO                                               Supporting        SPAD Films, Frederic Berthe

Secret Lover                                               Supporting        HK Productions, Hee-chul Kwon

The Little Documentary That Couldn’t        Supporting        Untitled Ent., Ken Saba & Matt Lambro

Convincing Benny                                       Lead                 2SC Productions, Bill Hooper

2010 - present
2010 - present

SILENCE! The Musical                         Miggs / Lamb                   Let Live Theater

Bucket List Cabaret                               Singer                              Theater 40, Three Clubs, Bar Fedora

Serial Killers: The Collectors                 Gary                                 Sacred Fools Theater, JJ Mayes

Hopping On Down the Bunny Trail        Ronny (Lead)                   Eclectic Company Theatre, LA

Elizabeth Hammond                              Three (Lead)                    Drive Theatre Co, Doug Oliphant

Party Favors                                          Bart (Lead)                       Moving Arts Theater Co., LA

Don't Look Back                                    Various Characters          Groundlings Theater, LA

PL.A.Y Noir I, II, III, & IV                       Gaspar Diamond (Lead)   The Actors Workout Studio, LA

Black Comedy                                       Harold Gorringe (Lead)    Morgan Wixson Theater, LA

Welcome back, Welcome Back Kotter  Arnold Horshack (Lead)   Lillian Theater, LA

Caught in the Net                                  John (Lead)                      Morgan Wixson Theater, LA

Run For Your Wife                                John (Lead)                       Morgan Wixson Theater, LA

Alien Hand Syndrome                           Mark (Lead)                      Moving Arts Theater Co., LA

Taken for a Ride                                    Samson Cat (Lead)          Car Plays 2009, Moving Arts Theater Co.

Beyond Therapy                                    Bob (Lead)                       Michael Woolson Studio, LA

GRAPEFRUIT                                       Dr. Jerry (Lead)                Acme Comedy Theater, NYC & LA

T.G.N.P.                                                 Edonis (Lead)                  Emerging Artists Theater (Off Broadway)

Bernadette & the Butcher of Broadway Paperboy (Lead)              Duplex Theater (Off Broadway)

Syria, America                                       Rob  (Supporting)            Greenwich Theater (Off Broadway)

A Touch of Rigor Mortis                         Charles (Lead)                 Kraine Theater - NYC Fringe Festival 

The Proposal                                         Ivan Lomov                      Access Theater NYC/dir Geoffrey Owens       

The Pelican                                           Fredrik (Lead)                  Theatre-Studio, Inc., NYC

Improv Comedy & Sketch

Fun-Raiser Comedy Show                    Host                                          Ruby Theater on Sunset, monthly show

The RIGHT  (character showcase)       Host                                          IO West, monthly show

Captains of Industry                              Improv Member                         Acme Noho, IO West, Bang,  Improv Space, Rant L.A.

Hey Neighbor                                        Improv Member                         IO West, Flappers, Second City

IMPROVOHOLICS                                Improv Member                         NYC: Caroline’s, Duplex, Rose’s Turn

Young Storytellers Foundation              Big Show Actor                          Multiple LA Elementary Schools

Training & Workshops

Los Angeles:    Master Class                                   Risa Bramon Garcia, BGB Studio

                         Acting                                              Tony Greco

                         Scene Study                                    Stephanie Feury

                         ADVANCED Improvisation              The Groundlings, UCB

                         Writing LAB - Comedy                     The Groundlings

                         Audition Technique                          Chris Game, Lisa Pantone, Daphne Kirby

New York:        Advanced Scene Study & Tech.       HB Studio - Carol Goodheart  

                        Advanced Improvisation                   HB Studio - John Monteith, Rasa Kazlas

                        Meisner Technique                           John Tyrrell - AIA Studios

                        On Camera Technique                     Kimball Studio - Kelly Kimball

                        Vocal Production, Speech                Martha Bernard, Bobby Troka